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Introduction to the Time Out Tool Kit

This Time Out Tool Kit provides ideas to help you ‘self-soothe’

Self soothing basically means being kind to ourselves. Self soothing is how we calm our bodies when we are overloaded by stress or overwhelming emotions. You may already be practising some self soothing or grounding exercises without even realising it.

Expanding your toolbox of skills can help you find something that works when things feel overwhelming or you find it difficult to settle.

Self soothing activities are very individual and we hope we have given you lots of things to try out. See which ones work for you. It’s important to try out a variety and see how they make you feel. You can throw activities that don’t work for you in the bin. Learning new ways to relieve stress and anxiety is an important life skill to have.

Sometimes we need to stop thinking about the past or trying to predict the future and instead practise staying in the present moment. Staying in the present allows people to feel safer and more in-control.

This Tool Kit is designed to appeal to your five senses and to help you focus on your physical world and how you experience it.

If you are seeking further help and support please explore the Additional help section on this Tool Kit.