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Moving my body

Getting up and moving around can help our bodies feel busy, increase energy and reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Illustration of people walking a dog, going for a walk and riding a bike

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What is it?

Getting your body moving can include lots of activities giving you the freedom to pick movements that suit you and can be changed each time;

  • A brisk walk around the block
  • A jog or sprint
  • Jumping jacks or burpees
  • A bike ride

How does it help?

When we boost our heart rate, our body releases endorphins, resulting in a boost of energy and improved mood.

How do I do it?

Take a walk

This could incorporate both the benefits of moving your body but also in having a change of scenery and getting out into nature.

Try a short walk in a place of your choosing. This could be a relaxed walk to take in the environment or a brisk walk with some earphones in with some music or a podcast of your choice.

Try a Home Workout

Getting our body moving doesn’t have to always involve going outside. Why not try a short home workout, you can make use of helpful free workout apps, videos or why not make up your own!

Apps that can help

Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga comes loaded with instructional videos of varying lengths that walk you through all the basic yoga poses, making it easy to follow along at home

Simply Yoga at the Apple app storeSimply Yoga at the google play store

7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout offers a straightforward list of short burst workouts that you can do whenever the mood strikes.

7 Minute Workout at the Apple app store7 Minute Workout at the google play store

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