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Reading is great and can be used for a variety of reasons. It can be entertaining, a distraction or a way to learn something new.

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What is it?

If you like reading text you could read a

  • book
  • magazine
  • newspaper
  • Or an article on the internet.
  • If you prefer to look at a images you could try a graphic novel or comic.
  • Or, if you prefer audio you can listen to podcasts or audiobooks - lots of these are free!

What you read is up to you and your interests. For example, you may want to read a cookbook to plan some tasty meals, you may want to read the news to see what’s going on in the world or maybe you want to read a comedy to make you laugh.

How does it help?


  • exercises the brain
  • Is entertaining
  • improves concentration
  • improves literacy
  • improves sleep
  • increases general knowledge
  • Is motivational
  • reduces Stress
Tedtalks - ‘Why Reading Matters’

How do I do it?

Reading a book

If you haven’t got any books you could have a look at your local library where you can often borrow books for free.

You could also speak to a family member or a friend and ask them for recommendations and see if they could lend you something to read.


Lots of books have been recorded by people so you can listen to them as audiobooks. You may have to subscribe to apps such as Audible but a quick Google should help you find some free ones too. Some people find it really nice to put their headphones in and go for a walk whilst listening to their favourite book.

Join a book group

If you enjoy reading and want to chat with others about this you may want to look out for a local book club. These may be in person or online depending on where you live.

Apps that can help


As well as music, Spotify has thousands of podcasts

Spotify at the Apple app storeSpotify at the google play store


Audible has thousand of audiobooks and a 30 day free trial

Audible at the Apple app storeAudible at the google play store


ebooks, magazines and audiobooks you can read on your phone or on a dedicated reader

Kindle at the Apple app storeKindle at the google play store


Listen to your favourite podcasts and audio shows

Acast at the Apple app storeAcast at the google play store

Useful links

Find your local library Goodreads - For recommendations of books based on your interests and other authors you like

Or try something different