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Taking a Bath

Taking a bath can allow time to take a break and make use of the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch to encourage relaxation.

A full bubble bath with a rubber duck

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What is it?

Taking a bath. Consider running a warm bath when looking to de-stress, relax and encourage sleep.

How does it help?

Research shows that having a bath can improve sleep, increase relaxation and create a peaceful environment for meditation and an escape from everyday stressors. Think about how a bath could be made even more enjoyable by including things to soothe your senses for example;

  • Dimming the lighting or lighting a candle in the bathroom to soothe your sense of sight
  • Using bubble bath, shower gel or soaps that smell nice to sooth your sense of smell
  • Running the water to a temperature you find relaxing and including bubbles or bath bombs to soothe your sense of touch

How do I do it?

Find some free time to dedicate to a bath

Plan sensory additions to gather/purchase ready for the next time you want to take a bath for your mental health

Take some time to think about what items you’d like for a future relaxing bath.

Take a notepad and write down what would make a bath more relaxing or enjoyable. Think about items you have in the home that could be used or things you may want to buy;

  • Candles
  • Bath bombs
  • Bubble bath
  • Bath salts
  • Relaxing music (where the device won’t get wet)

Run yourself a bath

Pick a time where you can allow yourself a period to enjoy the calmness of a bath. Think about how to get the bathroom ready beforehand, bring any additional items to make the bath more relaxing. Prepare relaxing clothes to put on after the bath. Leave devices in another room so that you can shut the door and connect with the calmness of the environment.

  • Check the water temperature to ensure it suits your preference
  • Add bubbles, bath bombs, salts or other additions you would like
  • Have favourite soaps, shower gels, shampoo/conditioners ready

Mindfulness when bathing

Whilst bathing make use of the time where you are shut away from the outside world to focus only on the present. Think about the 5 senses and how they are different whilst in the bath, for example;

  • What can you see, is the lighting bright or dim? Are there bubbles? Are your soaps colourful?
  • What can you hear, is there a tap dripping? Does the water make wave like sounds when you move?
  • What can you feel, is the water warm on your skin? Do the bubbles pop as they touch you? Can you hold a bath bomb and feel it fizz?
  • What can you smell, is the bubble bath scented? How does your soap smell? Your shampoo? Is there a scented candle aroma in the air?

Continue the relaxation once you are out the bath also

  • Have a towel ready for when you are ready to get out (could it be warmed on a radiator for extra sensory calmness?)
  • Have some soft clothes ready for when you are dried (could this be a cosy dressing gown? Some fresh and clean pyjamas? Or some clothes you find comforting to wear)